Integral Yoga Media is please to offer the newly mastered audio recording “Swami Satchidananda Teaches the Pūjā Ślokas.” These prayers are used in daily pūjā, a service of devotion. At Chidambaram (the Mahasamadhi Shrine of Sri Swamiji), the pūjā is offered to the Sivalingam (according to Tamil Saiva tradition, Sri Swamiji’s root tradition). In Sanskrit, Siva means “auspiciousness,” and lingam means “sign” or “symbol.” The Sivalingam symbolizes the Absolute God, the nameless and formless One. 
Devotees who would like to offer pūjā, may now learn directly from Sri Swamiji how to pronounce the ślokas chanted during the Chidambaram Pūjā. The recording features Sri Swamiji pronouncing each Sanskrit word and then the entire śloka several times so that devotees can learn along with the recording. The text of the ślokas also accompanies the recording.
Our deepest thanks to Gopal Metro who mastered the audio.