There were countless gems of wisdom shared by Integral Yoga master teacher, Swami Asokananda on his first visit to Australia in January 2019 (sponsored by the Integral Yoga Centre of Melbourne). Swami Asokananda’s visit is the subject of Caroline Giles recent blog in which she shared the following:

“Since the events, so many people have contacted me to relay their gratitude for Asokananda’s teachings and how these have affected them. For many, their practice has been reignited, their desire to go deeper initiated, their eyes opened to Yoga off the mat, their interest in lineage-based teachings sparked, and so much more…. While in Aussie, Swami Asokananda also gave a workshop for Yoga teachers. It was a delight to welcome 12 teachers from different traditions on this day. I met so many teachers over the events whose thirst for more than a physical practice was palpable! We did learn a few new bendy twisty things. However, a great take home was Swami’s “17 Ways to Keep Improving as a Yoga Teacher.” I loved: ‘We teach when we shut up,’ reminding us about our talk/silence ratio and that we all talk too much…. Swami Asokananda shared insightful lessons from the Bhagavad Gita. I love this one: Your job in this life is to paint your masterpiece but be indifferent to the outcome. Then there is no attachment to ego and no new karma is generated in this lifetime.”  READ MORE HERE   

(photo: Swami Asokananda, IYC board members, and some of the workshop participants.)