Sacred Siva-Shakti Mantra


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Sacred Siva-Shakti Mantra:

Om Hrim Namah Sivaya

This sacred mantra (this version has no musical accompaniment) is chanted by Sri Swami Satchidananda. This mantra is ideal for meditation. Concentrating on the vibration created by the repetition of this mantra balances the internal energy and creates peace, auspiciousness and purity. Sacred mantras are sound formulas revealed to sages during deep meditation. In the beginning, God, or the Cosmic Consciousness, first manifested as sound vibration. That vibration produced a hum, which is expressed as the syllable OM. Hrim is one of the most important bijas (seed words) and brings out the vibration of Goddess Sakti. When blending this energy with that of Siva, Lord of auspiciousness, it balances the meditator’s energies, leading to success in all noble endeavors.


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