Sacred Mantra For Divine Energy



Sacred Mantra for Divine Energy:

OM Hrīm Sarva Śakti Svarūpinyai Namah

This mantra was selected by Sri Swami Satchidananda for enhancing one’s spiritual strength and energy. It may be translated as: OM Salutations to the One who is the essential form of all energy and vibrates as the sacred sound Hrīm.

Mantras are sacred sound formulas revealed to sages during deep meditation. In the beginning, God, or the Cosmic Consciousness, first manifested as sound vibration. That vibration produced a hum, which is expressed as the syllable OM. Every mantra has a bija, or seed word, which is the essence of the mantra. Hrīm is one of the most important of all the bijas. Śakti is the supreme power and energy of the universe. Through one-pointed repetition of this mantra, and meditation upon it, one experiences that divine energy.


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