2005 Summer — Healthy Relationships


Building Healthy Relationships–The Art and Heart

  • Sri Gurudev, Sri Swami Sivananda Maharaj, and Swami Karunanandaji on the heart of the ancient, mystical, and transformative relationship between Guru-and disciple,
  • Dr. David Frawley, author of the new book Yoga and the Sacred Fire, talks about his specialized work in Ayurveda and Yoga therapy,
  • Karnamrita Dasi has blazed onto the spiritual music scene creating a buzz with her new CD


Contents and Sample Articles

4 Letters from Our Readers
5 Integral Yoga Magazine News
6 The Guru and the Broomstick
Satsang With H. H. Sri Swami Satchidananda
8 The Role of the Guru
By H. H. Sri Swami Sivananda
9 Guru and Disciple: The Eternal Relationship
By Swami Karunananda
12 The Sutras and the Serenity Prayer in Special Education
By Swami Lalitananda
14 Music of the Soul–Dasi: Prayers By Women
An Interview with Karnamrita Dasi
16 Special Section:The Art and Heart of RelationshipIntroduction: Building Healthy Relationships

Starting Over: Transformational TV

Meditative Intimacy:
An Interview with Gregory Kramer

Creating Conscious Relationships
By Marilyn Graman

Healing Relationships Through Sound:
An Interview with Jonathan and Andi Goldman

Staying in Balance:
An Interview with Gopal and Radha Bello

Choosing Fatherhood By Bharata Wingham

29 By the Light of the Dark: A Journey in Self-Exploration
By Jnanam MacIsaac
32 Spirituality and Psychotherapy: Ayurvedic Psychological Yoga Therapy
An Interview with Dr. David Frawley
By Sivani Marlene Alderman
34 Inside the Yoga Sutras: Nirodha With Rev. Jaganath Carrera
36 Around the Globe with Integral Yoga:
The Step That Changed My Life By Subhadra Fleming
Awakening a Sleeping Heart By Sevika Dobrow
38 Sri Swami Satchidananda and Pope John Paul II
By Karuna Ehlermann
39 Living a Guided and Grace-filled Life: The P. N. Rao Family
40 OM Cooking: Feeding The Cosmic Body
By Mary Lynn Tucker, R.N., F.N.P., R.Y.T.
42 Yogaville Kids Grow Up:
An Interview with Amadeo Bennetta
43 Yogaville® Program Schedule
44 The Teachings of Sri Gurudev: Publications Listing
46 Integral Yoga® Ashrams, Institutes, and Centers Listing