From slowing down aging to boosting self-awareness and reducing stress, Pranayama, or Yoga breathwork, has the power to enhance our everyday lives in more ways than we thought imaginable. Recent research provides ample evidence that Pranayama benefits our physical health and mental well-being, and even slows down the process of aging on a cellular level. As a true science, the effects of Pranayama practices are predictable and repeatable. Pranayama can be learned easily and practiced safely to improve many of our health issues.

Integral Yoga Institutes of NJ and San Francisco are bringing together fifty years of experience of senior teachers to offer a special Introductory online seminar: “Pranayama: The Healing Science” leading to an in-depth Course to develop your skills and experience, both as a teacher and practitioner. You can enjoy a taste of what is in store by checking out this video:  Margabandhu leading Pranayama Class

Margabandhu Martarano, Swami Ramananda, Rev. Premajyothi Devi and Raama Das will discuss

  • The Health Benefits of Pranayama
  • Introduction & Review of the Basic Pranayama Practices
  • Introducing Variations in Pranayama & their Benefits
  • How to build & progress safely in one’s practice
  • Details on a Complete Course that can help you personally as well as help others
  • Questions & Answers