The Integral Yoga Institute of San Francisco is offering a 4-week in-depth online study of suffering and its alleviation starting January 12. The root causes of our suffering are usually hidden from view in the subconscious ways we understand ourselves and relate to the world. But suffering can compel us to seek a deeper understanding of life and our true nature. Learn to transform trying times into stepping-stones to profound experiences of connection, contentment, and spiritual freedom. Deepen and refine your understanding of suffering and how it can enhance your spiritual maturity. This course is is taught by SFIYI president and senior monk, Swami Ramananda. The program is devoted to self-transformation through introspection, meditation, and the study of the Yoga Sutras of Patanjali, both the commentary of Sri Swami Satchidananda, and of Rev Jaganath Carrera.

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On 4 consecutive Tuesdays ⋅  5:30-6:30 Pacific
Part 1: January 12
Part 2: January 19
Part 3: January 26
Part 4: February 2

Swami Ramananda is the Executive Director of the Integral Yoga Institute in San Francisco and a greatly respected senior teacher in the Integral Yoga tradition, who has been practicing Yoga for over 45 years. Ramananda offers practical methods of integrating the timeless teachings and practices of Yoga into daily life, and transforming the painful aspects of human experience into steps toward realizing one’s full potential. He leads beginner, intermediate and advanced level Yoga teacher training programs in San Francisco, and offers a variety of programs in many locations in the U.S., Europe and South America. Ramananda co-developed the Stress Management Teacher Training program with Swami Vidyananda, has trained many teachers to bring Yoga into corporate, hospital and medical settings, and has taught mind/body wellness programs in many locations. He is a certified Yoga therapist and founding board member of the Yoga Alliance, a national registry that supports and promotes yoga teachers as professionals. He is a co-founder of The Spiritual Action Initiative (SAI) which brings together individuals committed to working for social justice for all beings and for the care and healing of our natural world. His warmth, wisdom and sense of humor have endeared him to many.