The Integral Yoga Institute of San Francisco is offering an online Meditation Teacher Training program that will enable you to go deeper in your own practice and guide your students to go deeper in theirs. The program will be taught by  Swami Ramananda and Diana Meltsner, and guest teacher Rich Panico M.D.You will receive instruction in the theory and techniques of meditation, including mantra, visualization, breath awareness, witnessing, and prayer. You also will learn the Yogic breathing techniques and how to refine and develop them. You will be taught different ways to incorporate meditation into Hatha Yoga classes. After completing the training, you will have the knowledge, skill, and confidence to teach a six-week meditation course.


This course trains you to teach a workshop or meditation course, which will provide your students with the information, experience, and motivation that a new meditator needs in order to begin and develop a regular meditation practice. Your curriculum includes instruction and training in the following:

  • Theory of meditation
  • The principal techniques of meditation, including mantra, breath, and witnessing
  • Overcoming obstacles to meditation practice
  • Leading guided meditations and visualizations
  • Answering questions about Yoga and meditation
  • Maintaining a spiritual diary
  • Developing a personal practice routine and a long-term practice plan
  • Deepening and refining your own practice
  • Integrating your meditation practice into daily life
  • An outline for a workshop of any length
  • A syllabus for a 6-week meditation course

This training program includes free access to all Yoga classes offered at Integral Yoga San Francisco and free access to IYTV, a large and ever-expanding library of recorded Integral Yoga Teachings, throughout the duration of this training!


At the end of the course, graduates receive a diploma certifying them to teach Integral Yoga Meditation. This course qualifies for 300-hour Integral Yoga Certification.


The course is available to certified Yoga instructors of all traditions who have had a meditation practice for at least six months and to anyone with well established meditation practice. Daily 30 min meditation practice and attendance in one group Integral Yoga meditation per week is required during the training.


We are committed to providing a safe and high quality program for all participants. Our graduates will develop skills to teach in person or online. The Yoga Alliance criteria about teacher trainings online is adapting as we move forward. We have dedicated staff to oversee the online coaching to have personal connections throughout the training.

More information and registration details here.