Join the inaugural group of Integral Yoga Therapy students who are completing their extensive 800-hour coursework to be certified with the International Association of Yoga Therapists (IAYT) for a Yoga Therapy Wellness Weekend! Drawing from the roots of classical teachings, our Integral Yoga therapists-in-training receive a balanced and thorough training exemplifying the essence of Yoga while providing applicable skills for modern-day implementation, bridging Yoga with western medical sciences. Under the watchful eyes of their instructors, the Integral Yoga therapists-in-training will craft a Yoga Therapy experience for you as part of a small group in one of six participant-chosen categories:

1. Chronic Pain

2. Stress Management

3. Cancer

4. Heart Health

5. Care for the Caregiver

6. Finding Wholeness

Retreatants also will experience sadhana* (practice), including a Joint Care Hatha Yoga class led by the renowned expert Dr. Steffany Moonaz, author of Yoga Therapy for Arthritis: A Whole Person Approach to Movement and Wellness, and another Yoga for Healthy Aging class with the beloved IYTh Program Director, Dr. Lakshmi Sutter.

* Sadhana refers to any spiritual practice that is aimed at progressing the aspirant toward the ultimate expression of their life. When done intentionally, everything can be sadhana—the way you think, move, eat, and interact with others.

This program offers:
  • Therapeutic Yoga classes customized for you
  • A workshop on yogic lifestyle and philosophy led by a senior Integral Yogi
  • Meditation for connecting with one’s inner peace
  • Hatha Yoga practices for cleansing and rejuvenation
  • Delicious, vegetarian meals for whole-person wellbeing
  • Opportunities to practice Karma Yoga (selfless service) in various service areas, including the Yogaville Kitchen, Farm, and grounds (For Karma Yoga service on the Farm or grounds, please bring sturdy shoes and water bottles)

More information and registration here.