Save the dates! The first Integral Yoga Virtual Global Conference is planned for June 24 – 27, 2021. The theme is: The Deeper Purpose of Yoga – Transforming Lives On and Off the Mat. Join the worldwide Integral Yoga community for an inspiring and uplifting weekend at the first Integral Yoga Global Conference.

This virtual event will bring together teachers and students from the U.S., India, Europe, United Kingdom, Canada, South America, Australia, Hong Kong and People’s Republic of China to explore the deeper purpose of Yoga, on and off the mat, and celebrate all the teachings that have made Integral Yoga so beloved for more than 50 years.

Featured Presenters:

Senior Swamis: Gurucharanananda (Mataji), Karunananda, Ramananda, Asokananda, Divyananda and Vidyananda, along with other Swamis and renowned teachers including Nalanie Chellaram, Hersha Chellaram, Sonia Sivakami Sumar, Heike Amma Farkas, Paola Faini Parvathi and many others, will inform and educate us on the path. The weekend will also include presentations by Integral Yoga ministers including Reverends Paraman and Lakshmi Barsel and Reverend Dhyani Simonini. Integrative health experts including Dr. Sandra Amrita McLanahan, Dr. Mala Cunningham, and Margabandhu Martarano will also be featured.

The conference will include Integral Yoga Hatha classes at all levels, a sound bath with Reverend Laksmi Scalise and kirtan with kirtanists from around the world. A special highlight will be a kirtan with Jai Uttal!

This virtual event will join us, as always, from our hearts. Exact times & schedule and registration coming soon and will be posted here and on Integral Yoga Facebook pages (Integral Yoga Global, Integral Yoga Europe, among others).