This week, much beloved kirtanist Deva Premal’s new album was recently released (October 12th). The album begins and ends with Deva Premal’s original melodic composition of the full “Seven Chakra Gayatri Mantra,” with Deva’s voice soft yet powerful, drawing the listener into the experience of stillness and peace. On the journey in-between, musical tracks range from haunting vocals sung in unison and accompanied by a Bansuri (Indian bamboo flute), to harmonic vocals with an assortment of melodic and rhythmic instrumentation – including the prayerful “Prabhujee” track, written by Ravi Shankar and featuring his daughter, Anoushka Shankar, on sitar. Deva Premal has also created free Yoga Edits of three mantras from the new album for Yoga Teachers. You can download these tracks to use in your personal practice and in your classes. Please note this free download will only be available until November 2, 2018.