Dr. Dean Ornish and his wife Anne were keynote speakers in June 2022, at London’s largest conference ever held on food and health, at the UK College of Medicine. They both are thought-leaders in the field of Yoga therapy and Lifestyle Medicine, with Dr. Ornish’s groundbreaking research opening the doors for Yoga therapy in the Western world. Dr. Ornish is a longtime student of Swami Satchidananda, with whom he collaborated on much of his medical research.

Dr. and Mrs. Ornish, along with a few of their colleagues, also met with HRH Prince Charles at his home in Highgrove to give him an update on their work. Prince Charles has continued to take an active interest in Dr. Ornish’s work and research. Dr. Ornish noted, “I continue to be impressed by his vision and passion in having a positive impact on lifestyle medicine, climate change, and regenerative agriculture.”

Photo: Prince Charles poses with Dr. & Mrs. Ornish and colleagues at Highgrove in the UK.