Dr. M. Mala Cunningham has a new course through the “Learn25” platform. In this audio (CD-set or downloadable) course, she lays the groundwork with the foundational concepts in Yoga and mindfulness theory. She then explores the mechanisms and effects of stress. Integrating insights from a broad range of topics, she shows  how the mind works and she offers practical step-by-step strategies for healing the body and regulating the emotions. In each lecture, Dr. Cunningham gives listeners takeaway points and activities for stress reduction, emotional resilience, and self-care, guiding you to deeper levels of inner peace and happiness. Topics covered include: Powerful Yoga Concepts for Healing, Healing Our Emotional Blueprint, Activating Happy Hormones and Self Assessment Strategies and more. To see a full list of topics and for more info on the course, visit the Learn25 website.






About the presenter:

Dr. M. Mala Cunningham is an Integral Yoga teacher and minister, a licensed counselor, and clinical professor at the University of Virginia. She draws on cutting-edge neuroscience research as well as more than 35 years of experience teaching Yoga.