The Path of Devotion: Bringing the Heart into Our Spiritual Life” October 23, 2021, is an online program hosted by Yogaville Online and offered by Swami Asokananda. It will include a kirtan by Nitya and Ninad. Our intelligence, will, and self-effort can only take us so far on the spiritual path. The path of devotion—Bhakti Yoga—helps us to form a living relationship with the Divine, no matter what religious or spiritual tradition we follow. Through this connection we open ourselves up to the great power that resides at our core, beneath the waves of the mind. And through that power, our deeply ingrained mental patterns and conditioning are transformed.

In this workshop, Swami Asokananda and the great bhaktas (devotees) from Italy—Nitya and Ninad—will be exploring how to:

  • Form a relationship with the Ishta Devata (Divine)
  • Develop sraddha (faith) and Ishvara pranidhana (surrender)
  • Use mantras  (Divine names) and kirtan to elevate consciousness
  • Expand love and express that love through service

Swami Asokananda will present a slideshow on the principles of Bhakti Yoga. Nitya and Ninad will lead a heartfelt kirtan (call-and-response chant). There will be time for questions. More details here.