“Do you have a dream? A vision of possibility that calls to you and returns again and again? A divine inspiration that is yours to bring forth? As spiritual beings, we all have nudges from the infinite, glimpses of life’s greater potentials. This is life’s prosperity imperative. Those nudges are life’s invitation to be the growing edge of divine love, to rise up and contribute to the evolutionary thrust for planetary awakening. Each person’s call is unique — perhaps it’s the desire to be a good parent and raise a healthy family, to start a nonprofit to save the bees or the whales, to write a book, or to build sustainable housing. The inspirations and potentials are as infinite as their Source. The common factor is the imperative to prosper, to thrive in a way that fulfills our potential by actualizing the divine qualities within us. The prosperity imperative is the call of becoming, of expressing our true Self in its fullness.”
That is an excerpt from the new book by Yogacharya Ellen Grace O’Brian, meditation teacher and senior initiate of Roy Eugene Davis (a direct disciple of Paramahansa Yogananda). The book draws upon the ancient Vedic tradition of Yoga philosophy and practice and shows how spirituality and
earthly success can complement each other, leading to realization of the higher Self.
Yogacharya O’Brian presents a clear explanation of both philosophy of Yoga and the nuts and bolts of practice, such as setting up a daily meditation routine, incorporating mantras, discerning how to cooperate with universal principles for complete well-being, and cultivating mindfulness in action. Along the way, she illustrates her lessons with personal stories and timeless sayings from great sages, both Eastern and Western.
The book is available here and from many other outlets.