The first thing Rev. Jivana Heyman (Integral Yoga Minister and founder of Accessible Yoga) does when he enters a Yoga studio, restaurant, store, or community space is scope out its accessibility. Are the hallways wide enough for wheelchairs? Are there ramps? Do the chairs accommodate all body sizes? Rev. Jivana leads conferences, trainings, and advocacy programs across the world to help make Yoga available for all. On this podcast episode of “Beyond Asana,” presented by Liz & Aaron, he clears up a common misperception that Accessible Yoga is a type of Yoga. He also shares about the start of his work teaching Yoga to those living with AIDS and HIV, and encourages teachers and trainers to help shift the media landscape around how a Yoga body looks and moves. Stay tuned for Rev. Jivana’s forthcoming book Accessible Yoga: Poses and Practices for Every Body, expected to release in November 2019.