On February 12, 2021, Legacy Recordings reissued a black vinyl of “Tapestry,” the classic album by singer/songwriter Carole King. The reissue features the original design of the Ode logos on the sleeve (the label that originally put out “Tapestry” in 1971). February will also see digital release of the previously unreleased single “Out In The Cold,” a new music video for “It’s Too Late,” and more.

Carole King (named “Karuna,” meaning compassion by her teacher Sri Swami Satchidananda) is a former Integral Yoga teacher and it was her generous donation of her Music Mountain property in Connecticut that enabled the purchase of the property for Satchidananda Ashram–Yogaville in central Virginia. We’re thrilled to join in the celebration of this milestone of the re-release of the “Tapestry” album, which is one of Carole King’s iconic contributions to the music world! Congratulations!



Kicking off the month of celebration includes:

* “Out In The Cold” (available now)
* Carole King emoji Twitter launch   (use hashtags #Tapestry50  #CaroleKing  #MyTapestryStory  #CaroleKingTapestry)
* BBC Live Concert Performance premiere in full on YouTube (available now)
* New “It’s Too Late” music video ( Feb 10)
* Reissued Black Vinyl of ‘Tapestry’ featuring the original sleeve design (Feb 12)
* Exclusive Walmart Vinyl Gold Color Variant (Feb 12)
* Deluxe Bundle in our Store includes black vinyl (available Feb 10)