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As a nonprofit magazine, Integral Yoga Magazine depends on the support of subscribers and donors.

Integral Yoga Magazine has always been dear to Sri Gurudev’s heart and it was through his inspiration and guidance that it took birth December 1969. Over these many years it has faithfully carried Sri Gurudev’s Teachings around the globe. It is both a vehicle of these Teachings and a way for us all to stay connected. Please consider becoming a donor!

Donors help us fund each issue. You will find both personal and business donorship information below. Personal donorship is tax-deductible and you will receive a complimentary subscription. Please also help us spread the word to increase our subscriptions. The more support we receive in the form of subscriptions and donorship, the more we’ll be able to staff and expand the Integral Yoga® Magazine!

The Donor Program is a great opportunity to show your support for the Integral Yoga® Magazine. Personal donors are listed together on a special page in each of the year’s issues. “Benefactors Photo Album” donors have a full page in one issue of photos of themselves with Sri Gurudev, along with descriptive text, that we will help you design. Personal Donors’ gifts are tax-deductible, and you receive a complimentary one-year subscription. Displays are available for business donors and we can help you to design these displays which run in a full year’s issues.

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Reverend Sivani Marlene Alderman
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Geoffrey Mitra Block, MD
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Kavita & Prakash Daswani
Nitya & Mahesh Daswani
Gary Kissiah
Peter & Adam Max, Global Works, Inc.
Dr. & Mrs. Dean Ornish
Swami Turiyasangitanandaji
Harry Wadhwani and Family


Atman Fronterhouse
Sharon Gannon, Jivamukti Yoga
The Integral Yoga Institute of New York
The Karunananthan Family
Lindy Chan Lau and the Chan Family


Christine Sraddha & Jim Boyd
Roseann & Bhagavan Buritz
Katharine Butler
The William & Margaret Feldman Philanthropic Fund
Madhuri Honeyman
Joseph Gillotti
The Integral Yoga Institute of San Francisco
Sivani Deborah James
Deepa Lani & Param McNulty
Louis Rittmaster
The Scarola Family
Rev. Rishi Schweig
Martha Churchill Wood


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Jay Gillotti
Andi & Jonathan Goldman
James Johnson
John Leporati
John Bhaktan Liczwinko
Ramakrishna P. Rao, MD


Deborah Absler
Heidi Divya Berthoud
Ted Campbell
Vimala Cook
Ambha & Mitra Crane
Parameshwari & Parandhaman Dinsmoor
Dhivya Goldman
Paul Prashant Hansma
Frederick Swaroop Honig
Edward Hynes
Ramakrishna Sackett
Deborah Samson
Reverend Manjula Spears
Kamala Staley
Yaeko Steidel
Sivakami Sumar
Krishna Van Lierde