Swami Ramananda, president of the Integral Yoga Institute of San Francisco and co-director of the Integral Yoga Global Network, is in the midst of a very full tour of Brazil’s Integral Yoga centers. At Jai Vida in Belo Horizonte, (which is now housed in a new location that is even more ideal for this wonderful Integral Yoga Center) he is teaching part 2 of the Raja Yoga Teacher Training. Then, he will teach a three-day seminar on Stress Management, give a satsang on July 5, and lastly teach the Jai Vida Teacher Training group of 23 people for the weekend of July 6th. Prior to arriving in Belo Horizonte, Swami Ramananda spoke at 2 universities, conducted several mantra initiations, blessed a new location for the Integral Yoga Center in Lavras, and gave three workshops to a group of teacher trainees in Varginha (see photo).