(Photo: Kelley Palmer leads a Race & Equity in Yoga training.)

The murder of George Floyd during the global COVID-19 pandemic has catalyzed the largest civil rights movement in America’s history. The movement for Black lives has become front-and-center news. Widespread demonstrations, protests, and uprisings are causing our state and local governments to take a hard look at the role policing and prisons play in our society and the ways that resources are hoarded and unequally distributed among our citizens. It is clear. A shift is necessary. But let’s be real: this isn’t a new problem. And since the dynamics of society are always replicated in our institutions, every industry from fashion to wellness is reckoning with its issues around race, equity, and social justice. And since the dynamics of our institutions show up in our relationships, maybe you are finding yourself here, just one person, a yoga teacher, knowing you need to be part of this shift toward a more equitable world, but unsure of how to move forward.

We’ve created a space where you can come as you are, have the space to make mistakes, and learn and grow with other folks on this path. You can shift and expand your perspective. You can step into your power and create change. You can lean fully into a more equitable future in and out of wellness spaces. Kelley Palmer is offering an online course Race & Equity in Yoga: Disruption As a Practice, August 18-27, 2020.

This course, Race & Equity in Yoga: Disruption As a Practice, is not simply an intellectual conversation about racism that leaves you even more confused about what to do. It’s not a list of resources and books to read that leave you even more confused about your lane and how to stay in it. This course will show you the exact steps to move from a place of fear into a place of powerful clarity and action around social justice and Yoga. Register here.