Sample from Boundless Giving – special double edition of Integral Yoga Magazine

By Rev. Prem Anjali, Ph.D., Editor,  Integral Yoga® Magazine

Yoga is now a household word. Sri Gurudev’s mastery of the means to communicate what had been exotic and esoteric Yoga practices and philosophy into brilliantly precise prescriptions for physical, emotional and spiritual well-being allowed for their dissemination into the very fabric of life in the modern world. Those most directly influenced by his work recognize his contribution to humanity.

For the rest of whole societies to recognize his role in the everyday practices they encounter not only in their treatments for disease, but in the commonplace conversations about the means to health and happiness, Sri Gurudev’s role is akin to a shift in the tides: does the boat know there is a sea change? Or, does it simply follow the tides in the new direction?

We see this clearly in Sri Gurudev’s contributions to the field of interfaith dialogue. His vision-more than 50 years ago-that the need of the hour was a deeper understanding of our essential unity underlying our apparent diversity was groundbreaking. One step inside of the LOTUS, one experience of an universal worship service, one view of the groundswell of interfaith activity in the world, helps one understand his profound contributions.

Through this Commemorative issue, we wish to pay our deepest respect and tribute to our revered Sri Gurudev for his incredible contributions to humanity. We remain indebted to him and committed to propagating his teachings around the globe.

As someone recently commented: “It is the presence of light that dispels darkness. Sri Gurudev has changed the course of the world by spreading the light of Yoga and shining as a beacon on the path to peace and true happiness.” We could not agree more.

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