Yoga as Medicine: The Yogic Path for Health, Healing, and Personal with Dr. Timothy McCall  September 13-17
Join physician, author, and yogi Dr. Timothy McCall to discover – or deepen your appreciation of – the healing potential of Yoga for everything from depression to infertility to heart disease. Explore Yoga’s vast toolbox, including postures, breathing techniques, relaxation, chanting, visualization, meditation, and philosophical ideas, and learn how these tools can be adapted to meet everyone’s needs—young or old, fit or unfit, healthy or seriously ill. Beyond relieving symptoms or even curing disease, yoga as medicine is a path to high-level physical, emotional, and spiritual well-being. Areas of focus will include:
* The ancient yogic formula for changing dysfunctional habits
* Anatomical principles that deepen Yoga practice and make it safer
* The vital link between breath, nervous system, and mind
* Reconciling Yoga and modern science
* Practicing safely with various health challenges
* Ayurvedic insights that deepen Yoga’s therapeutic potential.