Photo: Graduates of ITT in Gibraltar.

In June 2022, the Integral Yoga Centre of Gibraltar hosted an Integral Yoga Hatha Intermediate Teacher Training (ITT), led by Luckshmi Lucy Cannon, Daya Dewfall, Nalanie Chellaram and a great support team.

The training was more than a training — it was a journey, over six months, with teachers learning new subtle concepts of how to improve their own practice and share what they discovered with others. Many perceive an ITT to only be focused on challenging new postures, but this isn’t the main focus. The participants learnt how to create an increased flow of energy (prana) through the way that asanas were taught, as well as deepening their pranayama and meditation practices.

As the teachers moved away from simple alignment and breath instructions that they learnt from their basic training, the awareness shifted to focusing on lines of energy to create alignment and more space in the body.

At  graduation, the graduates performed an amusing play of all that they had learnt throughout the training. Swami Asokananda (Spiritual director, Integral Yoga Institute of New York) joined the graduation via Zoom to share some encouraging words and a reminder of the  importance of a regular personal practice.

(Special thanks to Luckshmi Lucy Cannon for organizing this report and the photos.)