We have a lot of desires, a lot of selfishness. Yet, we also understand, that if we become selfless, we become happy. You might ask, “What can I do if I can’t get rid of my unyogic desires?” You have to analyze your motives. Over what actions are you selfish? And by being selfish, what you are gaining? Let that be your meditation. That means, you analyze your motives. Become a judge of all your desires. Suppose the mind says, Well I’m selfish, I want that for my sake, I like that.

As a neutral person, you can question the mind: Alright, you want it. What for? What are all the benefits you expect from that? Let the mind reply. And listen to what it says and then ask more.

 Well, what about the troubles that will follow if you get it? The mind will always say: “Oh I’ll be so happy, I’ll be doing and getting this and that.” At first, the mind will give only the beneficial side of the story.

For example: If the mind wants to overeat, you could say: Now you want to eat even more, alright eat. The mind will say it loves the taste and probably it will give one or two more points. Listen to that first, and then say:

Yes, my dear mind, it’s alright, I’ll allow you to eat even more. But just listen to me now. Didn’t you eat a lot yesterday?

Yes, I did.

 How much did you eat?

Well, I ate a lot.

Were you happy after eating?

While I was eating I was happy.

I’m not asking about while eating; afterward, were you happy?

Not so happy.

So, you want to go down the same road again today”

But I like the taste!

Always watch your mind. Treat your mind as a naughty child. Mind, do you know a bit of anatomy? Do you know how the digestive organs work? Do you know your weight? Do you know the quantity of your food? Do you know the quality of each food you eat? Bring in all these points. There will be a time when the mind will get the message and say: I never thought of all these things. Please, I don’t want to overeat anymore. That is a way of analyzing. Whatever the mind comes up with, don’t ever fight; don’t be rude to your mind. Just listen to what it has to say and then begin to explain the fine points.

If you can do that, you’ll always win. You’ll be victorious. Because the mind has just developed the habit of desiring, for the sake of desiring, that’s all. It doesn’t think of the effects later on. You have to help the mind to realize the effects.

By Sri Swami Satchidananda