We welcome your contributions to Integral Yoga Magazine in the form of the following articles and columns:

o Application of the principles and practices of Integral Yoga or other styles of Yoga to specific fields or populations. For example, like Yoga for the Special Child, Yoga for those living with cancer, Yoga for seniors, etc.

o Inspiring stories of how Swami Satchidananda, Integral Yoga or other Yoga teachers personally touched your life.

o What Works: Sadhana Tips from Senior Disciples. Is there some little tip or “trick” you found that has helped you to be more regular in your sadhana (spiritual practice), to refine your practices, or to go deeper on your path?

o Inspiring interviews of people who embody the ideals of Yoga. Do you know people who either teach Integral Yoga spread the spirit of Integral Yoga, or interfaith ideals whom you feel we should interview?

o Inspiring asana experience or deepening of your understanding of an asana, pranayama, meditation practice.

o News of Yoga, veg diet, kirtan or Yoga happenings in your area or anywhere in the world. Would you like to cover any special Yoga happenings for IY Magazine?

o Turning Point: Inspiring life-changing moments. Was there one moment when it all “clicked” or when something happened that changed your life forever…

o  Favorite scriptural passages, sacred writings, and poetry from Yoga and various wisdom traditions that you would like to share with us for publication?

Please contact us at: submissions[at]iymagazine.org for submission guidelines.

Thank you! Om Shanthi