On May 26, 2021, we have the first eclipse in a series with the Lunar Eclipse in Sagittarius. The second will follow on June 11 in its opposite sign, Gemini. Eclipses come in pairs, one Lunar and one Solar, both with different energetic objectives for our lives, but both coming around like clockwork to help us course correct. Eclipses are a relatively normal phenomenon. We can have anywhere between one to three in a year—and 2021 gives us two sets. So why the hype if these occurrences happen every year? The answer is simple: eclipses equal inevitable, often drastic changes. As humans we have a hard time coping with change.

When the mind hears that change is upon us, it begins to anticipate and habitually goes into survival mode; a hardwire embedded in the strands of our DNA. When in survival mode, we can conjure fatalistic thoughts. Black or white thinking sets in, and this triggers the fight or flight mechanism. Let’s not shame ourselves here. This is one of the jobs of the brain, to protect and prepare us.

Flipping the Switch During the Lunar Eclipse in Sagittarius
The Zodiac tells the story of our life cycles. When we transition from the sign Scorpio into Sagittarius, we transition from survival mode into thriving mode. With that said, this eclipse in Sagittarius is offering us a chance to flip the switch. We just need to understand the mechanics of the flip and how to do it—How to flip from surviving to thriving.

At this time, we welcome the waves of expansive and opportunistic energy of the Sagittarius Lunar Eclipse and Full Moon! Sagittarius at its highest vibrational output represents the possibility of EXPANSION in our lives. This sign brings blessings and optimism wherever he goes. This is an all-encompassing energy that comes from an expansive belief system. The energy of Sagittarius goes with the flow of life while having its arrow aimed towards a final destination. With their beliefs in tow, there may be a re-routing that takes place but what is meant for them will always be for them, or better.  Black or white doesn’t exist in the energy of Sag. They step out of fight of flight into a space of beliefs, overly optimistic or not, always getting their way.

Coming out of the sign of Scorpio, a purposeful, powerful primordial survivor and heading into the sign Sagittarius, seemingly magic-based, is much like flipping a switch, in that, it’s a choice of the mind. Life is not black or white in most cases. It’s a lot of grey.  If we’re not fighting or fleeing from mountain lions as our ancestors once needing to do, then we have to look for the path down the middle in life’s experiences.

The fatalism of Scorpio turns into the grandest possibilities that the Universe has up its sleeves.  As we become more conscious beings, we can learn to replace surviving with thriving—but first we must understand that this shift occurs through replacing our knee-jerk reactions with a deeper knowledge and belief.

This isn’t to say that once you flip the switch, the hardships don’t exist and that the autonomous nature of our instincts won’t kick in. It’s also not to say that eclipses won’t still bring change into our lives. But it is to say that there is always something grander to believe in, a bigger picture that exists past the scarcities of nature.

[Advice from a Yoga Master: What to Do During an Eclipse According to Swami Satchidananda]

1. Activities: You shouldn’t be doing anything in which you could hurt yourself physically or mentally. It’s good to spend that time in prayer and meditation; that will help to keep the mind in a sattvic condition. Stay indoors if you can during a major solar eclipse, and it’s ideal not to sleep during the time of a lunar eclipse. By doing these things, you would keep the mind in a sattvic condition and not hurt yourself in any way.

2. Fasting: It’s preferable to fast on that day (or at least at supper, or eat very lightly at supper). During the eclipse, at least, the stomach should be empty.

3. Leftover food: Swami Satchidananda advised to not keep leftover cooked food in the house. It’s ideal to plan ahead so you won’t have cooked leftovers that you have to throw out at that time. If you have leftovers that would be too wasteful to discard, you could put charcoal in the refrigerator to help absorb any negative energy. Charcoal rounds, traditionally used for granulated incense, are ideal for this. After the eclipse, remove the charcoal and discard. Do not re-use.

About the Author:

Britney Overcamp is an astrologer and writer for Astro.Gong.Yoga, a sound healing and yoga studio with an astrology-informed approach located on La Brea. She believes the ancient language of astrology is a bridge between Source and self and she uses it as a tool, as well as her intuition, as a way to guide others to their truth.

(Reprinted from LA Yoga magazine article–except for section on Advice from a Yoga Master)