Yoga draws many practitioners because of its physical benefits, but it is often the experience of peace that people return for. Pamela Seelig’s inspiring new book Threads of Yoga supports those seeking to learn more about Yoga’s deeper spiritual teachings. Each short chapter introduces a foundational yogic theme, such as letting go, the breath, the yamas and the niyamas, and the chakra system.

Each theme is accompanied by practices, including meditation, complementary poses, breath work, or quotes to contemplate. It is an ideal guide for both practitioners and teachers who want to connect with the spiritual wisdom of Yoga, deepen their personal practice, or develop and support a theme for Yoga class.

Threads of Yoga offers the reader insight into the deeper meaning and purpose of Yoga, framed in the context of the world’s wisdom traditions. Pamela Seelig systematically presents core themes of yoga in a simple and accessible way, offering practices that will give the reader an opportunity to have a direct experience of these timeless teachings. It is clear that Pamela’s writing is informed not only from her extensive study but also from the depth of her own personal practice.” —Gary Kraftsow, author of Yoga for Wellness and Yoga for Transformation

Pamela Seelig is a Yoga teacher based in New Jersey. Her root teacher is Swami Satchidananda and she is an Integral Yoga-trained teacher of Hatha Yoga, Raja Yoga and meditation. She began her Yoga and meditation journey in 1991 when an illness interrupted her Wall Street career. Along with helping recovery, the impact of her meditation led to a lifelong pursuit of perceiving and sharing yogic wisdom. After practicing Yoga for over a decade, Pam trained as an Integral Yoga teacher and opened a thriving yoga studio in her community. After a rewarding nine years, she sold the studio and now practices Yoga, teaches workshops, writes, and empty-nests with husband and her dog, Bodhi.

Threads of Yoga, from Shambhala Publications, is available there, on Amazon, and wherever books are sold.