Farmacy Kitchen Cookbook: Plant-based recipes for Conscious Living by Camilla Fayed is filled with fresh ideas and delicious food to support a sustainable lifestyle.

Interested in eating and living in a more conscious way? Want to eat well with nature’s best ingredients while being aware of where our food comes from? Think taking better care of the land and people who grow these ingredients is important?

Welcome to the Farmacy Kitchen, where you will find inspirational ideas for conscious living and delicious recipes for plant-based eating. The Farmacy ethos is about bringing attention back to nature, simplicity and balance. We love to follow the concept of ‘simple abundance’ in the food we create, using fresh, colourful and whole foods in inspired combinations for maximum taste, digestion and enjoyment.

Good food tastes good when it’s made with love and intention. It’s a creative process that brings care into the kitchen to make great-tasting food to nourish the body and energize the soul. A process that you can now bring to your own kitchen with the help of this book.

Farmacy is one of London’s most successful new restaurants . It’s mission is to promote a healthy plant-based food lifestyle and a more conscious approach to eating and living. Inside Farmacy Kitchen you will find dishes inspired by their favorite places around the world, that are not only energizing and delicious, but free of dairy, refined sugar, additives and chemicals. Discover the secrets of Farmacy classics, such as Farm green soup, the signature Farmacy burger, Goji ketchup, Raw banoffee pie, Fire Starter elixir and Brain booster latte. Also featured are personal stories, advice on a healthy kitchen set-up, homemade beauty products, tips for a happy lifestyle and stunning photography. Farmacy’s critically acclaimed menu has put plant-based cuisine firmly on the food map and has captured the fast growing trend towards eating consciously and more naturally

Here’s what’s being said about this cookbook:

‘Farmacy food is what we have all been waiting for. Great tasting healthy food for an optimum mind and body means a better planet for us and the creatures we share it with’ – Stella McCartney

‘Since it opened, Farmacy has been the hottest table in town’ Vogue

‘THE healthy eating place’ – GQ

‘An oasis of health and happiness’ – Harper’s Bazaar

About the Author:

Camilla Fayed is the originator and founder of Farmacy. Having always been passionate about healthy eating and conscious living, Camilla began her journey into the world of plant-based living after the birth of her first child. Having experienced the powerful, healing benefits of a plant-based diet herself, and after extensive research and travels, Camilla was inspired to create Farmacy; a place where she could share her philosophy on nutrition and help bring the conscious eating revolution to London. Camilla’s aim with Farmacy was to make healthy eating fun, in a beautiful setting. Since its launch in 2016, the flagship Notting Hill restaurant, has become renowned for its innovative and delicious organic dishes, as well as its exciting array of plant-based comfort foods. Labelled as the ‘friendly face’ of plant-based eating in London, Farmacy champions the notion that ‘food is medicine’ and supports both local farming and sustainability. In 2018, Camilla launched her first, semi-permanent, Farmacy pop-up shot bar at Selfridges, London, as part of their #EatHappy campaign. Camilla has spoken at several conscious living events and debates and in 2017 acted as the UK’s plant-based spokesperson on BBC Worldwide as part of a debate dedicated to World Vegan Day. Following the release of the Farmacy Kitchen Cookbook, Camilla is keen to open several other Farmacy restaurant sites across London and expand the brand worldwide. Find out more at