Kurt Koontz freely admits that he was not wholly guided by his spirit when he first began to dabble in Yoga. An outdoor adventurer, he enjoyed the challenging physicality of the exercise, which led him to try several different types of Yoga, seeking both fitness and female company! When a friend encouraged him to seek new adventures in Rishikesh, India, the self-professed “Yoga Capital of the World,” Kurt felt called to the city and its Yoga. In Practice, his new memoir, Kurt guides readers through his three journeys to India in vivid, poignant detail. With unfailing honesty and humor, Kurt treats his readers to the visual and cultural richness of Rishikesh. He shares his unbound admiration for his new surroundings, and not only for the lush foothills of the Himalayas and the sacred River Ganges, but also for the many families who welcome him. Soon, that welcome extends into the Yoga world, where Kurt finds a Yoga teacher who will entirely transform his conception of Yoga. Practice is a spiritual exploration grounded in the modern world that speaks not just to yogis and travelers, but to all who strive to expand their own wisdom and compassion through soul-deep introspection.