Join five master teachers who will unpack Yoga’s timeless teachings in this special online event hosted by the Yoga Life Society as a benefit for the Give Back Yoga Foundation. The Foundation provides Yoga to the military, veterans, the incarcerated, cancer survivors and those dealing with addiction. The teachers include Integral Yoga ministers Rev. Jaganath Carrera and Rev. Paraman, Beryl Bender Birth, Rima Rabbath and Rev. Amba Wallace. More info here. Order Rev. Jaganath’s new book Inside Patanjali’s Words here.

The Yoga Sutras hold the power to generate peace – individual and universal – and to bring meaning and harmony into every corner of your life.
During this three-day event, you will:
  • Develop and deepen your meditation experience

  • Learn how to maintain mental poise and clarity in every situation

  • Generate potent inner forces to counteract negativity

  • Harness acceptance, faith, and devotion to open the heart

The Yoga Sutras of Patanjali, the classic manual of Yoga theory and practice, reveals clear pathways to harmony and healing. It is an inexhaustible and trustworthy guide for anyone interested in exploring and experiencing the heart of Yoga. The spirit and beauty that is the heart of Yoga is timeless and full of wonder.

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