Yoga Research Database/Digital Resources Library

The International Association of Yoga Therapists (IAYT) maintains an invaluable source of research summaries and literature reviews, bibliographies on their website as well as user-generated library of articles and resources.

For example, the bibliographies contain citations for journal articles, books, chapters or sections in books, magazine articles, newspaper articles, online resources, audiotapes/CDs, and videotapes/DVDs related to each subject.

Where applicable, an “Ongoing Research” section is included that describes in-progress studies and provides contact information for each researcher. Some bibliographies also provide contact information for practitioners specializing in the subject area. The information provided in the bibliographies should not be considered medical advice.

The website also hosts a growing selection of articles on Yoga Therapy, Yoga for health, studying Yoga and Yoga Therapy in India, Standards for Yoga Therapists, as well as articles of related interest. By exploring the IAYT website, you will find all the latest information on studies and research resources.

Example of Bibliographies

Free Access Topics

Addiction (32 pages)
AIDS (12 pages)
Arthritis (18 pages)
Asthma (36 pages)
Back (30 pages)
Cancer (49 pages)
Depression (26 pages)
Diabetes (24 pages)
Heart (73 pages)
Pain Management (21 pages)
Psychophysiological Effects of Yoga (170 pages)

Digital Resources Library
The (IAYT) also maintains a member-generated digital library of resources for Yoga therapists. Below is information from the IAYT website about this invaluable online resource and what you will find there.

Welcome to the IAYT Digital Resources Library! What You Will Find Here:

The purpose of the  IAYT Digital Resources Library is to skillfully present user-posted conference presentations and handouts, as well as other shared resources that support professional education and research in our field.

This library also supports common interest “Groups” and provides work areas for group discussions, for group specific resources, and for WebSpaces (with wikis) that allow group members to add and edit content.

To seed this library, we uploaded all of the available presentations from IAYT’s first Symposium on Yoga Therapy and Research (SYTAR 2007),  Many of the presentations from SYTAR 2008 have also been uploaded.

As knowledge of the DRL waxes, “Groups” are being formed, each with their own editor,  to support distinct common interests, such as the Council of Schools and Yoga Research.

This site is open to all.  However, only IAYT members may upload material.  All material is reviewed before posting.

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