Yoga on the Keyboard

“You must approach your Yoga practice with reverence and gratitude and love. It’s very much like entering a temple.”
– Amrit Desai

Welcome to Yoga on the Keyboard. This Yoga sequence found its beginning in 1999 when I was approached by iVillage® [now:] to create a sequence of exercises for those that find themselves for two many hours sitting at their keyboards trapped in their cubicle. Originally it was called Keyboard Yoga.

These Yoga poses are easy and effortless designed for your chair or at your work station. The instruction is simple and manageable. Best of all you feel great even if you do one or two of the exercises. You can do it any time, anywhere as well as everywhere!

Let’s inhale now to begin and exhale long and thin. Smile.

Find each exercise detailed at taught by Megan McCarver

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