Yoga For Weightloss

ScaleHelpYoga—the art of living—has always provided people with better solutions for mental concentration, staying active and positive strength for the body and mind. So does it provide the ways for weight loss.

Obesity has become an inevitable part of our fast-paced lives. With the increasing intake of junk food, the belly’s has been increasing corresponding to depleting energies.

Adopting Yoga as a tool for decreasing weight is a great option as it considers all aspects of obesity (mental, physical and emotional). It results in an agile, efficient and slim person and suits any person of every age. It helps achieve control over the mind and one’s behaviors including eating habits, thus, resulting in permanent with “no side-effects” results.

It is always advisable to study the reasons and symptoms of obesity which helps us to not repeat earlier mistakes. The cause of obesity lies in the lack of exercise, corrupted eating habits (junk food, fats coated food, eating between  meals), psychological pressures (depression, frustration, and anxiety), and hereditary tendency and endocrine glands problems.

The common symptoms are the increasing weight along with increased food intakes, frustration, falling efficiencies and increasing emotional and mental stress.

Once becoming aware of the reason for the condition, Yoga can support us in reducing obesity. Yoga has an important role to play in the treatment of obesity and its techniques affects the internal glands as well as the mental condition of a person.

The Yoga practices to help in weight loss include:

Asanas: the positions and postures of Yoga are useful in reducing the fats of various parts of the body. Forward bending, twisting, backward bending reduces the fat coats near abdomen, butt and thighs. Tree pose, hero pose, swinging lotus pose are helpful for burning fat from the arms and legs.

Sun Salutations:  24 sun salutations a day, at a speed of 4 rounds in a minute, can provide benefits altogether of both asanas and exercises. Regular exercise of sun salutations is beneficial for lungs and chanting mantras can have a relaxing effect on the mind.

Pranayama: it is a technique to control vital energy of life and acts as a vehicle for energy management. Kapalabhati, Bhasrika and fast breathing have excellent effects on obese people. Pranayama improves lung capacity and helps in burning fats. 

Healthy Diet: a diet comprised of leafy vegetables and fruits increase the intake of energy and reduces the fat composition in the body.


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