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The Light Of Truth Universal Shrine (LOTUS) is located in Buckingham county (about 1 hour south of Charlottesville), Virginia, USA.

LOTUS is open for noon meditation (12:00–12:30pm) year round, weather permitting. It is recommended that you call the day before your visit to the LOTUS to confirm that there have been no changes in the schedule.

We request that you wear attire appropriate for a place of worship, such as slacks and shirts, skirts and blouses, or dresses. During the winter season, the road to LOTUS is sometimes closed because of snow and ice and the shrine is not open. At that time of the year, it is always advisable to call before coming to visit so that you can confirm that the shrine will indeed be open.

For additional information, call the LOTUS reception at 1-434-969-4052 during hours the LOTUS is open and 1-434-969-3121 extension 108 after hours.

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