Veg Resources: A to Z

In this article you will find links for some fantastic resources online to provide you with information, organizations, publications discussions & blogs that focus on vegetarian/vegan lifestyle.

WEBSITES: The following websites are dedicated to promoting all things vegetarian/vegan

Cruelty-Free Lifestyle –
Tips and information for how to live life without using animal-based products.

Food Ingredients Made from Animals –
Alphabetical list of food ingredients derived from animals.

Go Dairy Free –
How to cook, shop, and dine dairy free with special emphasis on vegan diets. Best online resource for the lactose allergic and intolerant (according to – PETA’s vegetarian/vegan website-

Go Vegan with Bob Linden – Planet’s First & Only Commercial Vegan Radio Show

The Vegetarian Site –
Online portal for vegan living. Sections include animal rights, health and nutrition, news, editorials, free recipes, cruelty-free shopping, upcoming events.

Vegan Channel –
Information on vegan products, resources, recipes and links. –
Geared toward the aspiring and long-term vegan. Features articles, interviews, product evaluations, and book reviews. Also offers recipes and a large bookstore.

Vegan FAQ –
Contains answers to common questions on eating and consumption by vegans. –
Collection of categorized links.

Vegan Street –
Includes interviews, articles, recipes and links about being vegan.

Vegan Village –
Vegan homepages, resources, recommendations and news in the UK.

Webring: Vegan and Cruelty-free –
A small ring of vegetarian/vegan websites.

Savvy Vegetarian –
Support for vegetarian lifestyle. The site features life coaching, courses, educational articles, reviews, recipes and resource guide.

Veggie Global –
Includes an abundance of vegetarian resources.

Vegetarian Resources –
Covers vegetarianism history, associations and dishes.

Vegetarian Tips –
Lists hundreds of tips and mini-facts relating to vegetarianism, vegans, health, nutrition, animal welfare, environment, and recipes.

Vegetarianism in a Nutshell –
Includes information on nutrition as well as useful links for those wanting to become vegetarian.


1. Farm Sanctuary

2. MeatFreeZone –
Not-for-profit organization promoting meatless diets and lifestyles with the goal of creating a cruelty-free society. Testimonials and products.

3. People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA)

4. Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine (PCRM)
Dr. Neil Barnard’s organization has a veg section, produces a vegetarian starter kit used by many organizations and does a lot of animal rights and health advocacy work.

5. Porphyry’s People –
A vegan group based in Christchurch, New Zealand, promoting veganism to further ethical, health and ecological goals.

6. Vegan Outreach –
An organization working to end animal exploitation through the promotion of a vegan lifestyle.

7. Vegan Society –
The world’s first vegan society. Provides fact sheets on topics including nutrition and health.

Vegan Society Information Sheets –
Seeks to answer questions those considering a transition to veganism may be asking.

8. Vegans Unite –
Melbourne, Australia based vegan social group. Regular events (twice monthly) in meat-free restaurants and picnics in the park.

9. Vegaplanet –
Vegan community news and animal rights information in Ireland.

10 . The Vegetarian Resource Group:
Find a general overview of the lifestyle including nutrition, common foods, alternatives to eggs and dairy, and links to books for sale.

11. The Vegetarian Society
One of the oldest and most respected vegetarian organizations in the world.

12. World Vegan Day –
An interactive web site for celebrating a healthy vegan lifestyle, avoiding animal suffering and the wasteful use of the planet’s resources. Share news, pictures and discussions.


1. American Vegan –
Quarterly publication from the American Vegan Society

2. Vegetarian Journal –
A quartlery publication of the Vegetarian Resource Group

3. The Vegetarian Times
One of the most reputable and premiere magazines on the subject. Great resource for all things vegetarian.

4. VegFamily Magazine

5. Veg News Magazine

6. Vegetarians in Paradise
Los Angeles online publication featuring recipes, restaurants, etc.

7. VeggieHeadOnline –
Online forum for veggieheads to find out the latest vegetarian news, share recipes and info on veggie-friendly restaurants across the globe, and discuss topics related to the flesh-free lifestyle.


1. Eat Air – A Vegan Food Log
When you tell someone you’re vegan, they ask (often incredulously) “What do you eat?!”. We’ll seek to answer that question here.

2.  Fat-free Vegan Kitchen

3.  Journey of a New Vegan –
The chronicle of one girl’s journey from one extreme to another – from fat to fit, meat eater to vegan.

4. My Life As A Vegan –
All about veganism, and its connection with daily modernized life. Includes recipes, tips, and articles.

5. The Happy Vegan –
Weblog with vegan recipes, news and reviews.

6. The Vegan Diet –
Weblog with recipes and links and information on nutrition for Vegans.


Blogs, Q & As,  plus hundreds of recipes!

9. Vegan Eats & Treats

10. Vegan Force –
Vegan forum and social networking site allows you to browse through profiles, post and read blogs, and participate in the forum and chat room.

11. The Vegan Forum –
Message board dealing with vegan issues.

12. Vegan Grub –
Weblog with a guide for newbie vegans, ecowarriors, and vegetarians.

13. Vegan Lunch Box
Everything fit for your lunch box (and your kids’ lunches too!)

14. Vegan Militia –
One girl’s thoughts on omnivorism and animal abuse.

15. Vegan Represent –
A vegan web community includes a forum, message board, calendar, picture gallery and links.

16. Vegan Soapbox –
Discusses various vegan news and views as well as providing information on animal rights, animal liberation, animal welfare, and veganism theories.

17. Vegan-Straightedge Mailing List –
Mailing list offers a forum for those who abstain from animal products, alcohol, tobacco, drugs, and other substances.

18. Veg Talk –
Discussion forum about health, ethics, humor and recipes.

19. Vegan Voice –
Australian magazine dealing with issues of veganism, and animal rights. Includes discussion forum.

20. Veggie Way
A blog about peaceful living: vegan food, attachment, parenting and more…

21. The Veg Blog –
Includes news and links.

22. VegSource –
Vegetarian and vegan recipes, discussion boards, articles, information from medical doctors, experts and nutritionists, and a community of people who share an interest in health, diet and the planet

23. –
News and articles, which may be commented on and submitted by visitors.

24. Thanks to “Lifestyles of the Chic and Vegan” for this great list of blogs below!

* Animal Ethics
* Animal Rights: The Abolitionist Approach
* Animal Writings
* ATxVegn
* B36 Kitchen
* Bigmouth Strikes Again
* Clementine & Mandarin (my best-friend’s happy blog)
* Don’t Get Mad Get Vegan
* Dr. Stonielove’s Bewildered Beast
* Eden In The Kitchen
* Happiness Is Vegan Muffins & Chocolate Soymilk
* Kind Kitchen
* Livin La Vegan Loca
* Luminous Vegans
* Megan The Vegan
* Melomeals
* My Life as a Vegan
* Neva Vegan
* Pickled Treats Last Longer
* Pisces Place
* Pleasantly Plump Vegan
* Runs With Dog
* Scottish Vegan
* The Metal Femme’s Vegan Living
* The Tropical Vegan
* The Urban Housewife
* The Veggie Voice
* Urban Vegan
* Vegan Blog Tracker
* Vegan Chicks Rock
* Vegan Eats & Treats
* Vegan Improv
* Vegan Teen Cuisine
* Vegan Vice
* Vegan Yum Yum
* Veganista
* Veggie Delight
* Veggie Girl
* Village Vegan
* Vivacious Vegan
* Walking The Vegan Line
* What The Hell Does A Vegan Eat Anyway
* Where’s The Revolution

25. And if you still want more blogs, perhaps the most exhaustive listing here is here:

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