Online and Downloadable Classes

Each day, it seems that more and more websites are offering online and downloadable classes, including apps for the iPod, iPhone etc. Here are a sampling of just a few really useful ones:


Take a class online from

Introductory free classes online as well as large variety of classes by membership subscription. Free Hatha Yoga video class

DOWNLOAD a Yoga class to your iPod: is an online community of Yoga teachers dedicated to serving the Yoga community. iHanuman is the monkey bridge between students, teachers and the ancient wisdom of Yoga. Here you will find audio and video of your favorite teachers for free as well as for download. was founded by people who love Yoga and embody Yoga as a way of life and who were becoming increasingly concerned about how difficult and expensive it was to get to a quality Yoga class. We know how important a consistent Yoga practice is to living a happy, healthy, balanced life, and we wanted to find a way to make the benefits of Yoga more accessible and affordable for everyone. Free 20 minute classes

YOGA APPS (iPhone, iTouch, etc)

“Authentic Yoga” from Deepak Chopra & Tara Stiles
Practice wherever you are, with the most comprehensive, practical and fun mobile Yoga app  

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