Megan’s Flying Tips – 10 ways to avoid jet lag!

MeganHaving a proper attitude towards journey is essential. If we make a journey properly, than everything we encounter is considered part of it. We are fully involved in the process of journeying rather than being fixated on our destination. We are not looking for quick solutions, but are willing to be open, precise, and thorough in relating to ourselves as well as all the facets of our environment – the weather, the scenery, the landmarks, and the obstacles or sidetracks along the way.

In entering the path to enlightenment, we are beginning the process of transforming confusion into wisdom. But in order to make this journey, we must first acknowledge that we are confused and that our environment is chaotic. Beyond that, we must understand that chaos and confusion are perpetuated because we do not have the training to see things as they are.

– Excerpt from Buddha in the Palm of Your Hand by Osel Tendzin

1. It is best to bring your own food. Snack on hydrating fruits and veggies. Oranges, grapes, cucumbers and celery are always refreshing. Unsalted almonds and raisins are my favorite.

2. If your flight is long enough that they do include a meal, be sure to order a special meal, twenty-four hours in advance to your departure time. Perhaps a fruit plate or a low sodium meal. You’ll be glad you did.

3. If you have a laptop be sure to save YogaEverywhere’s Flying Poses and Breathing Exercises (see link below) to your hard disk so that you can use them without an Internet connection. This way you have reference at 35,000 feet.

4. Do yourself a favor and skip the soda and coffee. Drink lots of bottled water even though you’ll need to check out the bathroom more frequently than you’d like. If you need hot liquids, bring your own herbal tea bags like chamomile or peppermint tea. It’s soothing on the mind and easy on the belly.

5. Your designated flying clothing should be comfortable and non-binding with “comfy” shoes.

6. If you can rip yourself away from your laptop for a few moments, don’t be shy to stretch your legs as often as possible.

7. Once you get your feet back on the ground, take a long shower or bath. Afterwards, refresh your skin with your favorite lotion or oil.

8. The altitude and recycled air of most plane trips take their toll on you by slightly dehydrating you inside and out. Continue drinking more water then you are use to, hydrating yourself to avoid jetlag.

9. Schedule some personal TLC time like a massage or a private yoga class for the day after you land. It’s an effortless self-care technique.

10. Be sure to set your designated travel clothing aside for your return trip. The trip back home seems always to take less time.

Simply … click on any of the drop down menus at the top of this page for our selection of Yoga practices or choose any of Asanas (exercises) found in the left column list. Let’s begin … inhale slowly, exhale completely, turn your attention inward and listen to what your body needs.

Article by: Megan McCarver
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