Green Sadhana Ideas

Please try these ideas for making your Yoga Green.

Sadhana Ideas (Sadhana is the Sanskrit word for ‘practice’):

1. The Elements in Asana:  Guide a class through the five elements (or one specifically) with asanas and pranayamas that represent each one (Earth, Water, Fire, Air, Space).

2. Extensions of Natural Forms:  Invite students to touch some natural being (a rock, tree, plant, flower) and feel the essence of it.  Sound a chime / bell and have them move their bodies into a physical extension of that being and hold the shape.  Repeat this several times and they can move around and change ‘being’s between cycles.

3. The five senses:  Guide a class focusing on the senses and our perception to the natural world through them. (Smell, Taste, Sight, Touch, Hearing)

4. Animals!  Make an entire Yoga class using poses that are named / represent animals.  Try and make a class based on the animals you observe in your local area!

5. Blindfold:  Guide a Yoga Journey with the students blindfolded and open to the natural world through other senses.

6. Silent Nature Walk: Guide a walking meditation in which every step is a prayer to the Earth.

7. Vayus: Lead a journey through the ‘inner winds’ and their physical effects on the body. (Prāna, Apāna, Vyāna, Udāna, and Samāna)

8. Chakras: Connect students to their energy centers.

9. Eco Yamas & Niyamas: Integrate these principles into an applied practice with an environmental approach to living them in daily life.

10. Lead a Circle Dance with an Earth song or Mantra.

11.  Sun and Moon:  Guide a class around the theme of luminosity with asana and meditations

12. Four directions:  Guide the opening of a class or workshop with devotions/mantras and movement honoring the four directions (especially profound when first arriving or moving into a new location)

13. Trees:  Guide a class with asana of insects, birds, and other connections to trees

14. Surrender:  Offer the experience of letting go with meditation and restorative asana supporting the space with silence and few words.

15. Orient all the poses around the human body being a conduit for energy and communication between the earth and the heavens. Drawing earth energy up through the feet, drawing cosmic energy down from the heavens, they meet in the heart chakra.

16. A class of gratitude practice for the earth’s body and our human body.

17. Relating to gravity, the connection between our body and the earth.

Article By David Lurey



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