Further Resources: By Disease M to Z

Here the list continues of books to read, free online videos, podcasts, CDs and websites to help you find Yoga-based complementary health resources by disease or syndrome. We hope to add to this list and please let us know what other resources you may know.


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“Adaptive Yoga for Multiple Sclerosis” (Karen O’Donnell Clarke) – Find a teacher

Chaya offers weekly Adaptive Yoga Classes for people with MS and similar conditions and works with individuals in her private practice. She has also created retreats and programs that she’s offered at Kripalu and other centers.

Other Resources
How Yoga Can be Used for MS– WebMD video
Yoga for People with Multiple Sclerosis (website, UK)
Yoga Empowered Online 4 Multiple Sclerosis—Beginning Breath Awareness (YouTube video) 
Hillarys Yoga Practice – Hillary Rubin is a Yoga teacher with MS who writes blogs, does podcasts and has a lot of different resources to offer those with MS.
Yoga and Multiple Sclerosis by Loren Fishman, MD & Eric Small (Book)
Yoga of Action: Holistic Lifestyle and Adaptive Yoga for People with Multiple Sclerosis and Similar Conditions by Chaya-Sharon Heller (Book)
Yoga with Eric Small: Adapted for people with Multiple Sclerosis and Other (DVD)
Yoga Nidra for Multiple Sclerosis with Inez Stein (CD)


Yoga for Movement Disorders. Intro to Renee Le Verrier’s book
Yoga for Movement Disorders: Rebuilding Strength, Balance and Flexibility for Parkinson’s Disease and Dyston by Renee Le Verrier (Book)
The Book of Exercise and Yoga for Those With Parkinson’s Disease (Book) by Lori Newell 


Yoga for Sciatica with Garry Alesio – YouTube video
If you have that tingling, painful sensation running from your back down one of your legs, chances are you may be experiencing sciatic nerve compression. To relieve the pain, Yoga Teacher Garry Alesio, shows you some simple stretches and home-based strategies.
Stretching to Relieve Sciatica (YouTube video) – A Yoga pose called gomukhasana is demonstrated that will aid in relieving sciatic nerve pain caused by a tight piriformis muscle.


Surgery and its Alternatives by Sandra McLanahan, MD and David McLanahan, MD (Book)
An integrative medicine physician and a general surgeon combine medical science with a full array of proven alternative therapies in this highly acclaimed first book of its kind. Everything you need to know about the surgical experience and how to avoid it altogether for over 200 procedures. Preface by Bernie Siegel, M.D.
Before and After Surgery CD with Dr. Mala Cunningham
The powerful healing techniques on this CD of guided imagery, positive thinking, and relaxation strategies can be used before & after surgery. Listen to a mp3 sample here.


Preventing Swine Flu with Lalita Nadkarni. YouTube video with this Iyengar Yoga expert


Yoga for Weight Loss with Dr. Ananda Bhavanani (YouTube video). Excerpt from his classical Yoga DVD.
Yoga for Weight Loss with Vicki Forman – MySpace Video
Kapalbhati Yoga Breathing Exercise for Weight Loss with Anmol Mehta. Free online video on 5min.com
Yoga For Weight Loss with Esther Ekhart: Sun Salutation practice (YouTube Video)
Weight Management for People with Curves with Larry Payne (DVD)
Yoga For Weight Loss DVD by Yoga Zone
YogaFit website : a leader in mind body fitness education
The Ayurvedic Guide to Diet & Weight Loss: The Sattva Program by Scott Gerson (Book)

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