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Yoga on the Keyboard with Cynthia Funk

Welcome to Yoga on the Keyboard. This Yoga sequence found its beginning in 1999 when I was asked to create a sequence of exercises for those that find themselves for two many hours sitting at their keyboards trapped in their cubicle. Originally it was called Keyboard Yoga. These Yoga poses are easy and effortless designed for your chair or at your work station. The instruction is simple and manageable.

3-Minute desk Yoga: Exercises for wrists, hands and shoulders with Cynthia Funk  (The Yoga Sanctuary)

3-minute desk Yoga: Twist & lower back stretch with Cynthia Funk

3-minute desk Yoga: Neck & Shoulder stretch with Cynthia Funk

3-minute desk Yoga: Breathing exercises for stress relief with Cynthia Funk

Yoga at Your Desk #1 : Neck  with Barbara Simon (RomancingYourSoul.com)

Yoga at Your Desk #2: Back & shoulders

Yoga at Your Desk #3: Standing poses

Office Yoga, Simple Stretches for Busy People by Darrin Zeer
Fully illustrated, easy-to-use guide offering 75 stress-relieving stretches perfect for the cube environment.

Yoga for Computer Users by Sandy Blaine 
Contains 23 illustrated poses and exercises, plus breathing and relaxation techniques, that increase circulation and range of motion, prevent injuries to the upper body, improve posture, and avert energy stagnation.

Sitting Fit Anytime DVD with Susan Ward
Easy and effective chair Yoga for use in the office, at home, while traveling by car or plane.

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