Yoga in Public Schools: Overview of Programs

More and more schools and educators are recognizing the benefits that Yoga can bring to their students. What follows is a list of the major programs bringing Yoga into the public and private school systems and classrooms.

Yoga At School

Yoga At School is a program offered by the Integral Yoga Institute of New York offering Yoga to public and private schools in and around New York City. Classes, typically 45 minutes to one hour, include Yoga poses, breathing practices, relaxation techniques and meditation. With a schoolteacher and/or a parent present, the Integral Yoga teacher provides group and individual attention. We also offer classes for teachers, staff and parents.

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Contact info: Chandra/Jo Sgammato 212-929-0586 ext. 74

Yoga Ed ™
Yoga Ed was founded by Tara Lynda Guber and the program director is Leah Kalish. Yoga Ed. develops and produces health/wellness programs, trainings and products for teachers, parents, children and health professionals that improve academic achievement, physical fitness, emotional intelligence and stress management. Yoga Ed. offers two affordable and easy-to-implement Yoga programs for schools as well as the Instructor training in how to use them effectively in the classroom!            
Yoga Ed. Pre-K through G 12 Programs:
o 36-week curriculum for Pre-K / K-2 / G3-5 / G6-8 / G9-12
o Meets state and national PE Standards
o Develops self-awareness and life skills
o Lays the foundation for lifetime health/wellness

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Contact info: (310) 471-1742 and visit the website.

Yoga Kids ™ Tools for Schools

YogaKids International, a Yoga program for children, has developed the Tools for Schools program to bring the age-old practice of Yoga into the modern-day classroom. The YogaKids Tools for Schools program allows K-5 students to encounter Yoga and its many benefits in a fun, engaging, and developmentally appropriate manner. The program successfully integrates across all K-5 curricula, and does not require either you or your students to have any background in Yoga.YogaKids Tools for Schools is a comprehensive program using Yoga, Howard Gardner’s Multiple Intelligences Theory, curriculum integration techniques and character education to accomplish its mission.


o Yoga: Students will practice breathing techniques, poses, games, activities, relaxation, and visualization.

o Multiple Intelligences Theory: The program allows all students to flourish by honoring their individual learning styles.

o Curriculum Integration: All basic curriculum areas are addressed, as well as classroom management, test preparation, fitness, and environmental and multicultural education.

o Character Education: Yoga is traditionally associated with the development of positive traits such as confidence, compassion, respect, tolerance, patience, and nonviolence. The YogaKids Tools for Schools program brings the character education aspects of Yoga into the foreground.

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Contact info: 800-968-0694, toll free in the US and Canada or +1 219-325-9642 from anywhere else. Email: toolsforschools[at] or visit the website.

Luster Learning Institute’s Calm Classroom

The Luster Learning Institute, NFP is a non-profit organization that supports kindergarten through twelfth grade school leaders and faculty in teaching a highly organized system of research based techniques that help reduce stress, anxiety, disruptive behavior, and lack of emotional control in children. The programs are designed to benefit both students, and teachers. These practices comprise both a classroom management strategy and a universal intervention that supports the Illinois State Board of Education’s guidelines for the development of social and emotional learning. The institute’s principle training program is Calm Classroom. The professional development workshop trains teachers and administrators to instruct a series of easy to learn exercises that are implemented in the classroom for thirty seconds to three minutes in duration. The three hour in service training is supported via a training manual which is designed as a tool from which teachers can personally learn to instruct all of the Calm Classroom modules. Two Calm Classroom CD’s are included with the manual and follow the script of each technique that is included in the manual.

Watch video: Calm Classroom in Chicago Public Schools Watch Interview with Calm Classroom founder Jai Luster

Read Integral Yoga Magazine interview with Jai Luster             Read Yoga Chicago magazine article, March-April, 2009

Contact info: Telephone: 847-748-7482 or visit the website.

YogaMoves Education

YogaMoves can be a great tool to help students to focus more in school and to relax during tests and class presentations. Learn Yoga postures that can be done at your desk, along with breathing, visualizations and affirmations that help you to always do your best in school. YogaMoves Education can be part of your PTA activities, helping your students at the same time! YogaMoves Education was created by Lynne Ogren, a Certified Yoga Ed Trainer, YogaKids Teacher, Integral Yoga Teacher and veteran educator of more than 25 years in the teaching profession. Based in Albany, New York, YogaMoves Education offers yoga classes for children and teens as well as adults at a variety of settings in the Capital Region of New York State. Lynne’s workshops for classroom teachers, healthcare providers and parents offer adults additional tools for helping children to access their fullest potential.

Read Integral Yoga Magazine interview Lynne Ogren

Contact info: Lynne Ogren (518) 482-8922   E-mail: ogrenl[at] or visit the website.

David Lynch Foundation’s Consciousness-based Education and World Peace

The Transcendental Meditation program is a powerful and innovative new educational tool for systematically dissolving stress and developing the inner potential of students and teachers. Transcendental Meditation has been successfully implemented in public and private schools and in after-school programs across the U.S. and around the world, with thousands of students enjoying its benefits (see

Children need to feel safe in school because pressure, stress, and fear undermine learning. And when the safety of students in schools must be protected by metal detectors and armed guards, and when students in America’s most elite upper schools report worrisome levels of stress, pressure, and fatigue, it’s safe to conclude that something’s wrong. This distorted picture is made worse by the escalating incidence in both children and adolescents of depression and other stress-related disorders, which have dramatic effects on learning and social development, as well as by similar increases in the incidence of learning and attention disorders.

Read: David Lynch’s Vision for Consciousness-based Education
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Yoga Calm®

Yoga Calm, developed by Lynea Gillen, MS and Jim Gillen, RYT, is an innovative child education method that reduces stress and then engages both body and mind for optimum learning. It helps children develop emotional intelligence, communication skills, trust and empathy. It nurtures teamwork and leadership. It prepares students to learn. The program is a unique blend of the traditional yoga practices of mindfulness, physical activity and nervous system regulation with social skills games and counseling techniques. Integrating fitness, social/emotional and cognitive learning into 5 to 40 minute processes, the program includes more than 60 activities specially designed for use in school and therapeutic settings.

Yoga Calm works with a wide range of students, including those struggling with ADHD, anxiety and other behavioral and emotional challenges. The physical elements are safe for and accessible to people at all skill and fitness levels. Individual activities can be taught in as little as five minutes – by anyone, in any environment. Yoga Calm trains instructors through their certification program. They have a directory of teachers and other resources on their website.

Read an excerpt from Yoga Calm for Children: Educating the Heart, Mind, and Body by Lynea Gillen, MS, and Jim Gillen, RYT 
Watch the video: Yoga Calm, Part 1 – Kid’s Demonstration
Watch the video: Yoga Calm Students, More Productive Minneapolis Schoolsl yoga, social skills games, and counseling techniques. It reduces stress,

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