City Yoga Seva: Spread the love of Seva and Karma Yoga

KYProjectWe’re hoping to compile a directory or links to already existing directories of studios, teachers, centers etc. that offer:

1. Free Yoga in general

2. Free Yoga to specific populations (veterans, homeless, unemployed etc)

3. Volunteer to teach Yoga at shelters, hospitals, etc.

4. Offer services to nonprofit organizations

5. Do fund-raising or in other ways support nonprofit organizations and those in need.

We’re also hoping to inspire yogis to come together in their communities  and offer seva like Yoga Chicago magazine reported (see article: Yoga Seva: Yoga Teachers Reach Out) to see what Chicago Yoga teachers and centers are doing.

We’d like to help people and communities network to create national initiatives to bring free Yoga to people and places in need.

We also would love to see all yogis support the organizations who are already out there serving in the name and spirit of Yoga! Perhaps we can create a centralized way that people can donate to support all these great organizations!

Email us with your info and ideas. Ideally we’ll have everyone involved in City Yoga Seva! OM Shanti.

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