About the Luster Learning Institute’s Calm Classroom Program

The Luster Learning Institute, NFP is a non-profit organization that supports kindergarten through twelfth grade school leaders and faculty in teaching a highly organized system of research based techniques that help reduce stress, anxiety, disruptive behavior, and lack of emotional control in children. The programs are designed to benefit both students, and teachers. These practices comprise both a classroom management strategy and a universal intervention that supports the Illinois State Board of Education’s guidelines for the development of social and emotional learning. The institute’s principle training program is Calm Classroom.

What we do:

The Calm Classroom professional development workshop trains teachers and administrators to instruct a series of easy to learn exercises that are implemented in the classroom for thirty seconds to three minutes in duration. Participants learn practical skills that help students remain focused, manage stress, effectively comply with assignments, and smoothly navigate transitional cycles. The techniques are comprised of a combination of age appropriate i) stretching exercises; (ii) breathing techniques; (iii) concentration practices, (iv) visualizations, and (v) creative games. The teacher chooses which exercises will be most age appropriate and beneficial for the current classroom situation.

The three hour Calm Classroom in service training is supported via a training manual which is designed as a tool from which teachers can personally learn to instruct all of the Calm Classroom modules. Two Calm Classroom CD’s are included with the manual and follow the script of each technique that is included in the manual.

The results:

When students and teachers consistently practice the techniques that are used in the Calm Classroom program, rigorous academic research has demonstrated that the following results have consistently occurred:

Improved: concentration, homework compliance, classroom transitions, emotional stability, self-esteem, and locus of control

Decreased: stress and anxiety, disciplinary referrals, disruptive behavior, and testing anxiety

Help Sponsor a School:

Your tax-deductible donation will help bring Calm Classroom to a school in financial need. The Lustser Learning Institute is a 501(c)(3) not-for-profit organization.

Telephone: 847-748-7482

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